Jorge Masvidal gets fans to spar each other during UFC 244 workouts

Jack Baer
Jorge Masvidal seems to quite like fighting. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

You had to figure that workouts for a fight involving both Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal would have a very particular kind of energy, but the latter fighter still managed to exceed expectations.

Rather than do boring things like talk to the media, or, y’know, work out, Masvidal instead called up fans to spar with each other. The fans were given boxing gloves and only allowed to deliver body shots, but that didn’t stop the entire situation from being a wild spectacle.

Some of the fights really did get intense.

The whole show ended up lasting for several fights, until an official stepped in and called the impromptu event off. Those attending were not happy to see the fights end.

Despite one very large obstacle that had to be overcome, Masvidal and Diaz are scheduled to fight on Saturday in New York City for the Diaz-inspired title of “BMF.”

Both fighters have more than a decade of experience of incredible highlights and their meeting is highly anticipated, with tickets selling fast and the president reportedly planning to attend.

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