Jose Ucar: Top Public Speaking Coach on a Mission To Help Others Take Their Communication Skills to the Next Level So They Achieve Personal and Professional Success

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Jose Ucar is a global NLP coach, international marketing and business specialist, and the founder of 'Finding Excellence'.

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In our society, we’re taught to think and dream big. We are told to find a job that pays well, own a fancy house, a luxury car or a helicopter if we can. We are not taught that these things cannot provide happiness if we don’t have good relationships in our lives. Then there are those who think outside of the matrix created by the mainstream. They believe in the power of relationships, making a difference and creating a powerful impact in the lives of others through what they choose to do in life. They say communication is the key to success, in more ways than one, in business and personal life. However, many people struggle with communication and as a result fail to reach the success they desire in their relationships. This is when top public speaking coaches and trainers like Jose Ucar enter the picture and transform it into one that aligns with their client’s idea of success.

This passionate man has been deeply committed in working towards making people a success story. Jose found excellence in his own life through becoming a top international speaker and then established 'Finding Excellence', his coaching business where he works with clients to hone their public speaking and communication skills.
From a very early age, Jose Ucar was attracted to the individuality he saw in the people around him He discovered and developed his own unique talents and this allowed him to see other people’s inner gifts which only they could express for themselves in an authentic way. As he saw how people struggled with communicating and noticed how it acted as a hindrance to their growth, he knew what he wanted to do in life. Since then, Jose Ucar has never looked back and has gone ahead to make that difference that people need to further grow and develop as professionals and individuals.

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It's been more than a decade that this talented man has become a world traveller, working along with businesses and people to grow and promote them, leveraging the power of advanced communication skills. "People may have the best of talents, business acumen, intelligence, but if they lack the right communication or public speaking skills, they may not confidently get ahead in their chosen industries. To make things easier for them and to help them in their journeys to become confident individuals, ready to take on the world with their work, I make sure to up their confidence and help them present their best versions of themselves while they speak in front of large crowds and communicate with others," says the top public speaking coach based in London, UK.

Today, Jose Ucar is a well-recognized NLP coach, TEDx speaker, international business, and marketing specialist. He also has a massive community of more than 40,000 students worldwide. Through 'Finding Excellence’, Jose Ucar provides World Class Communicator, an online training course to transform businesses and people to powerful and impactful communicators.

Jose Ucar understands how we communicate with ourselves is how we communicate with the world. In his practice, he opens up the lines of healthy communication within an individual, which leads to strong relationships with other people and finally worldwide fame.

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