Joshua E. Moses Shares Principles He Used To Create Financial Freedom

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Growing up, Joshua E. Moses lived a very simple life, and witnessed his father fail at multiple business ventures, in both Thailand and Singapore. However, that did not deter Moses from pursuing his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and becoming financially independent. Today, he is a striving MDRT financial consultant, has multiple business interests and is a bestselling author. In this interview, I had the chance to probe a little into his life and how he achieved a certain level of success at a relatively young age.

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Qn: Thank you Moses for joining me today. Tell me more about your life growing up.

Ans: Thank you for having me. My family wasn’t considered wealthy or well-connected by any means; my parents made an average income, and we lived an average lifestyle. Even though my father had failed business ventures in Thailand and Singapore, he and my mum were always very supportive of what I did, and encouraged me to pursue my interests, regardless of whether it was considered acceptable in society.

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Qn: What is that one thing from your childhood that has the most impact on you?

Ans: Ever since I was young, I had always been energetic and playful. However, when there weren’t any healthy avenues for me to direct my energy, I would often find myself getting into mischief. When I was schooling, it was impossible for me to sit still and concentrate in class. I was always getting into trouble, and the turning point came after one particular incident where I almost got into serious trouble with the police. I realised that if I didn’t change my behaviour, things wouldn’t turn out well for me.

Qn: In your new book, Taking The First Leap, you shared tips and examples on how anyone can have a great start in their career and life. Is it that simple?

Ans: Yes, I believe having a great start in one’s career and life is simply about having the right mindset and the eye for opportunity. The same event can turn out as entirely different experiences for people with different mindsets. Nowadays, there are plenty of avenues to make money; anything can be monetised and made into a business with the right mindset and an attitude of continuous learning.

Qn: In your opinion, what is a common mistake adults make when it comes to money management?

Ans: Our lives revolve around making and managing our money. However, financial knowledge wasn’t something we learnt in school. As such, we don’t usually correct the bad money habits we could have started and allowed to develop from a young age. Bad habits like spending more than we earn, spending too fast when we have a large income stream, and not having an active outlet to accumulate wealth can have a negative impact on our lives—people often don’t know how important money is, until they encounter misfortune and face financial difficulties.

Qn: What are some of the businesses you are currently involved in? Are you actively managing all of it?

Ans: I spend most of my time in financial advisory, while my other ventures include trading—managing a portfolio worth about US$3m, as well as a kitchen glove business.

Qn: Apart from business, how did you get started as a forex trader?

Ans: I started learning forex trading by watching videos on Youtube, and it stemmed from a desire for profitability. Having read books about investing and finance, I felt that trading and investing was a valuable skill that could allow me to make money with money. It took many months of practice before I could make consistent returns, but then again, that’s what it takes to get good at any skill.

Qn: Most successful people on earth allocate their time wisely. Considering your widespread involvement in multiple ventures, what are some principles of time allocation you live by?

Ans: Always making it a point to plan my next day in advance, then following through and adhering to that planned schedule as closely as I can. Additionally, rest is extremely important, do not forget to spend time doing the things that you enjoy.

Qn: You attribute your progression in life and business to some key people you have known. How do you advise people to reach out to their ideal mentor and business partner? How can one network effectively?

Ans: Just ask. Don’t be the one to say no to yourself, let others do it. Everyone has a part of themselves that are always willing to help, and there is always something that you can learn from every person that you meet. Never be afraid of judgement, and always look forward to meeting new people and having new experiences.

Qn: You seem to have a really strong start in life considering you are just in your early twenties. What's next for you?

Ans: My end goal is to take care of my parents, and eventually start my own family. I would also like to follow in the footsteps of my mentors, pass down the knowledge I’ve picked up from them, inspire as many people as I can, and leave my own legacy.

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