Josue Arteaga from dealing with hardships to Brand Expert and Venture Capitalist

When life deals us with hardship, we all cope differently. Young entrepreneur, Branding Expert and Venture Capitalist, Josue Arteaga decided to take action for himself and his family and a blessing came out of imminent tragedy. He knew that working with the negatives can make for better pictures.

His journey began at the age of 17. His mother received bad news regarding her health and she needed surgery to be cured. Initially this of course was tough news for the family to receive but when Arteaga’s father lost his job, it seemed as if the roof was caving in on them. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Josue, took action and got to work. He began to brainstorm ways to make money to help his family. He began studying SEO, the online marketing space while also converting clients from Neil Patel and although that learning experience was going well, he knew there was more out there he just had to go out and get it. He tried a handful of business ventures which include a marketing job with a local bar which was brief due to his lack of clients. His one early business venture that showed some life was his t-shirt business. He quickly saw a little bit of revenue come in but unfortunately, his website was shut down due to copyright issues and he had to refund all of the revenue he had earned. He then learned about email and its power, so he made an email list and was able to sell it for $300. This was his first taste of success, although it was minimal, it was still a win nonetheless and it fuelled him.

After the success of the email list, he went on to write articles that turned into high-end publications. Arteaga would interview famous guests with millions of followers on social platforms and started consulting with clients to do the same. He charged $5,000-$10,000 which led to him starting his personal branding company. This business venture resulted in Arteaga making $144,000 annually at only the age of 19. Business was going great and then a new opportunity was presented to Arteaga when an old college friend approached him with the intention of getting an investment for a meat market. This was an opportunity he simply could not turn down, therefore he stopped his expensive spending habits and saved up $60,000 to invest. Due to this investment, Arteaga is now making two million dollars in revenue annually from meat markets alone and owns a one million dollar asset and has major plans for growth and expansion. His goal is to own 1,000 meat markets and generate one billion in annual revenue by the next 7 years. If not he says "$10m a year doesn't sound so bad". He is indeed still on the rise to the top of the mountain.

Aside from his his capitalistic ventures, Arteaga is still in the branding space. As the Vice President of Disrupt Media, his aim is to disrupt how personal branding is done through marketing tools like Social Media, Press, and Podcast in a unique way. Josue has worked with clients worth over $100m, celebs, and the world’s biggest entrepreneur influencers like Ed Mylett, Julius Dien, etc.

Josue is often asked for advice by other entrepreneurs and this what he has to say: “Don’t spend your time thinking about the negative. Everyone thinks their problem is the biggest problem Building a multi-million dollar company requires you to show up EVERYDAY, regardless of your excuses. Especially in the beginning when you’re small and you don’t have someone to turn to run stuff for you. You’re girlfriend/boyfriend left you? Okay, you can rebuild that relationship with someone else. Someone better, and this time you will do it better. Someone passed away? You think they want you to throw your life away or would it not be more honorable to build and become successful because they were the inspiration and the eye opener that we only live one life?

Everyone has “excuse” it’s disrespectful to you and the people you love to use them as an excuse not to become better today. Do whatever it takes. Do the work.

I have this quote that’s super simple but it always snaps me back, “Sadness is the failure to be optimistic.” You have something to be happy about, so be happy about it because there’s other people that wished they had what you have, regardless how small or big.” Josue emphasizes accountability and determination while also striving to become better in an overall manner, not just as a businessman.

His story is an example of how you can turn a negative into a positive but it’s all up to you. He turned his mother’s illness into the type of success people dream of. As bills doubled, he worked harder. It pushed him to do things others couldn’t.