Journey of Akram Saifi Who’s Passion For Cricket Is Inspirational


He was born and brought up in Saharanpur and always wanted to be a cricketer. His passion was such that his daily routine was full of hard-work
Including waking up early for the running , going school , from school he would directly go to the stadium and from there he would go to help his father to do his work

As soon as he realised he was made for the big platform he shifted to Chandigarh for his further education and joined DAV COLLEGE where he was trained by ex-Indian player YOGRAJ SINGH (also father of Yuvraj Singh) he was doing really good there. Whenever Yuvraj came to the practice he was the preferred bowler to practice with Yuvraj Singh.

As his career was going high Suddenly a storm entered Akram’s life when he broke his knee and was taken away from cricket after the operation .
Akram was trying to accept the reality and in search of work he came to delhi. Where he came across Rajeev Shukla a very well known person in the Indian Cricket and Media. Being associated with cricket Rajeev Shukla remembered Akram as he had awarded him best bowler in a tournament in his playing days.

Deeply hurt by seeing such talented cricketer taken away by injury he offered Akram Job as a manager and to look after his Cricketing work
Since there can be no better choice for this work Akram being a cricketer accepted it and started working day and night. After that countless times UPCA won tournaments across India and became a completely different team.

Akram helped many promising cricketers to come up and show their talent who were deprived of the opportunity. He now funds the poor kids with their stay practice food and everything just to make sure they have good cricket practice more than 60% of his income is gone in this good cause.

There are countless cricketer who thank him for being their support. He has been like a guardian to the poor cricketers and made sure no one suffered like him and no one has to go through the crises which he went a true gentleman.

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