The journey of Ashish Singh from Votes to Likes


The year 2014 of GGDSD College, Panjab University, saw a charismatic figure joining up their Bachelor’s course to pursue higher education. With the passage of time, this student, Ashish Singh, started becoming popular amongst the students for his ideology and beliefs. It wasn’t too long before he enrolled himself for the college elections and started campaigning to incorporate his ideology in regards to the responsibilities of the college general secretary.

Ashish shared quite a similar passion for dressing, with a vivid sense to dress. His impeccable style was adored by many, adding to his confidence to move towards his dream of becoming a fashion influencer. The journey of what ‘thevanquishment’ is today, has countless hours of pure hard work and dedication by Ashish to become a renowned influencer. He began with creating styles with his existing wardrobe and sharing content on the Instagram handle. Giving in efforts, he shared more and more content, gaining trust, appreciation, love and following from across the globe.

Ashish’s first campaign was with a footwear brand ‘Torr Punjabi’ as a barter deal, where he worked with the brand’s promotion in return for a pair of their product. This was just the start of his influencer career, as time passed, he got associated with a number of brands, promoting their products. 19th October 2017 turned into quite a memorable day for Ashish, as he cracked his first paid collaboration, and since then he has never looked back. He believes in sharing relatable content that people can use in their day to day life and get the best out of it. In a short span of time, Ashish has won hearts of over 85K Instagram users and the number is growing on a daily basis. It can be the result of his drop-dead gorgeous looks or the fact that he is down to earth and contributes to society through the means of charity.

Ashish aims to reach out to the masses, share his relatable ideas and content, and at the same time, want to be a role model for the people, for his acts for humanity, where people come forward to help others.

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