A journey: From Boy to Man- Ehraz Ahmed


A journey: From Boy to Man- Ehraz Ahmed

The journey of a boy who sold video game server to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the midst of dealing with all sort of crisis.
Ehraz Ahmed, an engineering college dropout, an average Class 10 and barely cleared Class 12. These are certainly rare but so is starting your journey.
Born in the city of Mysore, Ehraz has always been an enthusiast; and never the one to run around books. For him, his only love was his computer. He could spend days at a stretch just playing video games. “My friends’ parents used to complain to my parents that I am being a bad influence on them and not letting them study.”

At an early age when kids play video games, he was selling video game servers to his juniors at school; and that is how he came up with an idea of game server hosting company. In 2012, as he reached Class 10 he launched his 1st startup of providing cloud servers all across India.
About the coining of the term ‘hack’, Ahmed portrayed it as a skill and stated, “There is no second thought that implies that an individual with the correct abilities can even hack into any bank and fill his pockets and the next minute he could be behind the bars. It all depends upon how he wants it to grow”, and is when he started to seek advice from experts in the domain and began Ethical Hacking.”

In 2012, he was admitted to the Yandex Labs Hall of Fame, Facebook in 2013, Apple in 2014 of the many others; and ever since there has been no looking back.
Ehraz dropped out of his engineering during the 2nd Semester in 2016, as it wasn’t adding to anything that he didn’t already know. In Jan 2016, he launched his next of the many startups Voxy Wealth Management. Later that year, he launched his web security firm, Aspirehive.
Little did he know that it was the start of some turbulent times. An emotionally and financially broke, the family was surviving when the unexpected occurred. Ehraz’s brother survived an accident with a serious brain injury. By the grace of God, he and the family recovered from the crisis.

Ever since Ehraz launched Aspirehive, millions of thoughts were hovering including several complaints from the clients about Web Security. This is when his brother rescued him by giving him an idea of a new startup related to all website services under the same roof. And Mr. Ahmed had got his new idea and began to find possible solutions for this problem.

In this latest endeavor, StackNexo, Ehraz is working building a unified platform to manage all website services from Hosting, Backup and Email to Digital Insights and Security from a single dashboard. This will be time-saving for companies that spend millions of dollars on all these web services from different platforms. But, there is always damage if they do not work cohesively.

The Idea
The date for launching StackNexo is all set and work is going full speed ahead and Ehraz has partnered with atleast 20 major companies including Google, Microsoft, NordVPN, Digitalocean, Upcloud, Plesk, Elastic Email, Cloudflare, Stackpath, and Comodo, and so forth.
StackNexo will be like the monsoon for its customers since it deals with the site and the server for them and updates them with the reports and analysis. In addition to this, for any

malfunction, there is an automated response taken by the platform which clears the malware and takes such events into account. Likewise, in instances of a web service crash, the platform will try to restart it for uninterrupted services for the end customers.
StackNexo will change the view of how web management is offered, particularly for small and medium-sized organizations and site proprietors and people who don’t have the faintest idea of how to keep up sites and servers.

It has been a voyage of many ups and down for Ehraz to launch StackNexo. Ehraz wishes to put resources into the present as well as what’s to come. He has recognized the issue and is looking towards the arrangements which change a large number of lives.

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