Joy Behar says Russia is using Tulsi Gabbard because she's a 'useful idiot'

Joy Behar didn’t hold back during a conversation about Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Monday’s episode of “The View,” calling the presidential candidate a “useful idiot.”

Her comment came after Hillary Clinton revealed that she believes there’s a democratic candidate who is a “favorite of the Russians.” Though Clinton didn’t specifically name Gabbard, many have pointed at the congresswoman as the target of her accusations.

“I don’t say that Tulsi is an agent. I just think that she could be a useful idiot the way Trump is a useful idiot to the Russians,” said Behar. “They see something and they say, ‘Oh look, a useful idiot! Let’s play this!’” she added.

Behar also accused the Republican party of turning a blind eye to Russian interference because they know they need it to win in 2020. “The Republican party knows that they cannot win without interference from Russia and maybe voter suppression. They cannot win,” said Behar.

Gabbard fired back at Clinton on Twitter:

Viewers on Twitter were split, with many saying Behar’s comments were out of line:

Others loved hearing Behar call it like she sees it, and applauded Clinton for candor:

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