Judi Dench hasn't seen 'Cats'

London, Mar 15 (PTI) Veteran actor Judi Dench is yet to watch 'Cats' and she says that despite an overwhelmingly negative response to the musical fantasy film, people have been 'rather kind' about her performance.

The 85-year-old actor plays Old Deuteronomy in Tom Hooper's adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

The film was mounted a budget of USD 100 million, but earned only USD 6.5 million during its opening weekend.

'I didn't read anything about the response to it, nor have I seen it...

'I was aware of the response only slightly, I think people had been rather kind to me. I'm not big on reading reviews, anyway... you kind of know, yourself, about something, I think,' Dench told John Wilson on BBC Radio 4's Front Row programme.

The actor said she had only seen a picture of herself from the film.

'I once had a cat (who looked) like that, called Carpet, and I didn't realise I was playing Carpet. I thought I was playing a kind of, you know, mangier cat who didn't have much fur. I didn't realise I was this wonderful show cat!' she added.

'Cats' received brutal critical reviews, along with eight Razzie Award nominations, including one for Dench.

When Wilson asked Dench what she thought about her worst supporting actress nod, the actor squealed with delight: 'Oh, am I? That would be good!' 'As far as I know, that's a first!' she added.

'Cats' also stars Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Francesca Hayward, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, and Jason Derulo. PTI RDS RDS