Juhi Chawla Birthday Special: 7 Roles Of The Actress That Are A Must Watch For Every Bollywood Fan

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Juhi Chawla celebrates her birthday today. She is perhaps the most affable actress in the industry. The way she smiles, she talks and she does her roles, everything makes her so mesmerising that you would want to listen to her unabated. She has that charm. But that doesn't mean she always used that charming self of hers in all the movies. You will be surprised that this lady has done some really magnetic roles which many would love to have on their filmography.  Juhi Chawla Asks Fans About Their Environment Friendly Diwali Plans; Twitterati Targets Her AC Rooms And Cars

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In the 90s, Juhi's infectious giggle would be on everyone's mind whenever she did a film. Her roles exuded so much sweetness, be it Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke or Ishq. It's very difficult not to like this actress. So for the Gen Z who are unaware of the charms of this lady, here are seven of her films that you should watch.

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988)

It all began here. This isn't her first film, contrary to popular belief but this definitely was the film that catapulted her to instant stardom. A lively young woman in love with a man she is not supposed to which led to her ultimate doom, QSQT made everyone wish for a Rashmi in their lives.

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Darr (1993)

Darr is know more for Shah Rukh Khan's villainy but it also had Juhi playing the catalyst to the T. To mirror a girl's deepest fears when she is stalked isn't a mean task. The fear is real!

Aaina (1993)

Many remembers Aaina as an Amrita Singh film as she killed it as the vicious woman. But would that make an impact if you don't have a demure and docile sister to wreck havoc on? Juhi played that sister to the T. Her constant tears might disturb you but that was the demand of the role she fulfilled it perfectly.

Ishq (1997)

There is hardly anyone who doesn't love Ishq. Everything about this film was absolutely amazing especially that knife. However, what many might have ignored while getting swayed by the melodrama and comedy in the film is the range Juhi exhibited. If she was this very confident, go-getter rich woman in the first half, she was also the hurt and vengeful woman in the second.

3 Deewarien (2003)

Again a film which many might not have cared to watch then but deserves a dekko now. 3 Deewarein is a story about three death row convicts who become part of a documentary made by Juhi Chawla's character. This is a road to recovery for all three and Chawla's redemption. You have to watch the film to know why the actress deserves more such roles.

My Brother... Nikhil (2005)

This film was ahead of its time. My Brother...Nikhil should have released now to understand how HIV positive people were treated earlier. It also spoke about same sex relationships. Juhi played the sister who stayed with her brother through thick and thin. It was such a refreshing change to watch her in a role like this where she had much more to portray than just be a cute giggly girl.

Kismat Konnection (2008)

Juhi Chawla plays a crystal ball reader in the film who can predict Shahid Kapoor's future. The gypsy outlandish clothes looked weird but then that was the whole point of the role. It's unlike what she had done before and we simply loved it.