Juhi Parmar on Her Comeback Show: 'Hamari Wali Good News Is All About Uplifting and Empowering Women'

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Actress Juhi Parmar is back on the small screen with Zee TV's Hamari Wali Good News, a show which has a totally different, unique and out of the box concept which has never been explored before on television. After her last stint on television showcased the dark side of black magic with her show Tantra, Hamari Wali Good News will now see her in new light, in a very refreshing and lighthearted role this time, which is not only set to win hearts but also puts out a very strong and social message about women which is much required for people to know and understand in this era. Kumkum Actress Juhi Parmar Makes Her Television Comeback With Hamariwali Good News.

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Speaking about her character and what the show aims at putting out through its concept, Juhi shares,"When I first heard about the storyline of Hamari Wali Good News, I was very eager and happy to take up the role as the character is one I have never portrayed before in my career, and the message that the show is aiming to bring out to people is honestly very inspiring! Hamari Wali Good News aims at uplifting and empowering women through the story, and specially those women who cannot conceive who must be helped and encouraged instead of being put down!" Juhi Parmar Birthday Special: 6 Interesting Facts About The Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan Actress.

She continued to reveal, "The lovely part of the show is that it focusses on one woman reaching out to help another woman through her difficult times, which definitely needs to be highlighted out there so equations can help in being changed. The show also focusses on the dynamics of a mother in law and daughter in law relationship, which is shown very differently and in positive light out here, breaking the norms of a regular mother in law - daughter in law relationship which is usually shown on televsion, also something which I feel was an interesting part of the concept."

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