Julian Jewel Jeyaraj - A man of the different world making India proud with his Artificial Intelligence

We have seen fantastic growth in technology which is helping our humanity in many ways. But we never thought that we would get a technique will work in the welfare of humanity. Don't get shocked. I am telling the real story of a person who is developing a technology which is going to change the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Julian Jewel Jeyaraj a man who has come with a new dream of changing world and technology with sound effects. He has developed a technique in AI which will work for human welfare. It will work in three departments, Human Physiology Mental illness, Environment.

Julians JJAIBOT is gen-next technology. It is going to change the future of our world. This technology will change the Artificial Intelligence process in the world. Julian has come up with an excellent concept for humanity. Human physiology emotion intelligence merges into one. Julian loves to learn things, and he is gaining some specialized experience which he is using for better.

JJAIBOT  will help the Environment, a mental illness OF the human. Now, that's we call creativity. He is seriously working on making the world a better place. His dream is to work for people and the Environment and create a technology which only works for good things. 

Julian says an emotionally safe person is accessible, responsive and engaging. Depression is a type of mental illness that can have a negative effect on how one feel, think and act.  AI bot of Julina will detect human feelings like sadness, hopelessness, a loss of interest in daily activities, and loss of appetite.

Julian is trained on CBT method Cognitive behaviour therapy. JJAIBOT can detect emotions from profile pictures online, and it will recommend activities such as meditation and breathing techniques to help and maintain a more balanced mood.

Actually, movies should be made in India on such technology before Hollywood people spot him and his technique. It will create more anxiety in people about this technology, and they will learn about this refreshing technology of Julian jewel.

We wish Julian Jewel Jeyaraj gets more success in life and create more splendid technologies for the betterment of the world and humanity. His growth is India's growth; he will make our Nation proud with his sound technology.