Jumana Khan - The Dubai fashion oracle is all set to be a global luminary

The Fashion Influencer with her exquisiteness and perspicacious attitude has engendered an untold number of fans.A feast to the ears for her fans,the unsusually percepted hotshot has been nominated for the BEST Fashion Blogger/Influencer awards at WFFA 2019.After her colossal win of the “Dubai WOW Awards 2K19”(Wonder of Woman) for the Best Blogger in Dubai seizing the hearts of untolds,she is all psyched up for another ginormous triumph.

She has benchmarked the niche as an Oracle,and has been solicited to attend multitudinous events and shows.Her prominence has pushed all her limits and has designated her as unexcelled.She was solicited to be a part of “YEAR OF TOLERANCE and FRIENDSHIP”.She has concocted a singular place in the heart of Dubai.

The  WFFA – World Fashion Festival Award is a solitary platform blending elegantly the niches of ART,CULTURE,BEAUTY AND FASHION.Jumana being a bigwig in multiple niches has already been nominated for the sumptuous event.With an unconventional bold and stubborn personality,repudiating the profession of lawyer to realize and follow her own conviction of leader ship,Jumana passionately singled out the niche of being a Fashion Influencer/Blogger and prolific actor as her sole profession.

Her elegant and consummate skills have aided her to clinch the Zenith.We wish her good luck and hope she proffers us with such sterling news in future .We wish her a colossal success!!!