Junaid Khan enrolls himself for a course of ‘Navarasa Sadhana’

Maithili Shinde
·1-min read

Junaid Khan, the young, talented, acting enthusiast has studied theatre at the AADA in LA for 2 years. He has been practicing theatre for 3 years now and had recently enrolled for a ‘Navarasa Sadhana’ course online.

Much contrary to his wish of learning from India’s most reputed abhinaya guru in person, Junaid had to take this course online because of the unprecedented pandemic. Venu G. the abhinaya guru has trained several actors and dancers conducting workshops at Natanakairali, National School of Drama (Delhi) and Intercultural Theatre Institute (Singapore).

‘Navarasa Sadhana’ is a systematic and daily practice of the Nine Rasa-s with the aim of strengthening their core. Just like the Saptha Swaras of Music the nine rasas helps awaken creativity and acting skills of the actors.

Junaid Khan, the young blood in acting looks like he his on the road to realise his dreams of acting. It is commendable how he is broadening his horizons and grabbing on skills when possible.