Jungkook Sends ARMYs In A Fan-Mode Overdrive, Namjoon Hints At A New Single Coming Soon!

Ruchita Ushakola
·3-min read

The recently held award show, 35th Golden Disc Awards Bangtan Boys has set their ARMY at surprised mode with their thrilling style!

Namjoon went coloring his hair in silver mullet, going with him Jimin also gone with silver hair, NamGi is seen wearing matchy sweaters, JinKookHope went for similar trio shoes, also NamTae wearing matching black formal shoes, and yeah! Suga is back, good to see him standing with the other 6. Do you know what catchier was? Jungkook experimenting with a blonde color with his hair. ARMY couldn’t stop themselves from being in overdrive to check out all of them, such an adorbs, they all look so good!

Have a look –

Let’s look into the ARMY’s reaction, who all took Kookie on worldwide trending around the social media.

Can’t stop themselves from going cray-cray on new blonde boy.

Even Bangtan leader Namjooine is trending on top with his gorgeous look and fashion.

Being good boy.

Increasing your excitement level up, after BTS boys winning a Bonsang Award from this award show are all set to have their live performance tomorrow and this will going to be the first performance of the year that too on an award show will all enchanting boy’s looks.

Tripling the level up, the leader of boys RM hinted that they’re preparing for their new music of the year and this new single is coming very soon!

So much in one to be HAPPY and chaotic –