'Jungle Cruise': Complete round-up of the Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt-starrer

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21 Jul 2021: 'Jungle Cruise': Complete round-up of the Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt-starrer

We all have heard edge of the seat stories of Jungle Cruise at Disneyland resort. But, ever witnessed it? Don't worry if not because Walt Disney will soon bring the thrill on the screen. Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt-starrer Jungle Cruise is based on Disneyland's ride by the same name and its release is almost here. The film will be a simultaneous release.

Plotline: Frank and Lily team up to find Tree of Life

Penned down by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, Jungle Cruise describes the rollicking adventure down the Amazon. Johnson is set to play steamboat captain Frank, whereas the British actress plays an eccentric scientist Lily. Based on theme park attractions, Frank and Lily will get through the jungle adventure to find the mythical Tree of Life, possessing the power to change medicine's future.

Description: 'Delusional, crazy, tenacious yet exciting,' Blunt describes her character

Blunt said 'yes' in a second for Jungle Cruise's Lily Houghton. And, that she often does for the role with which she connects. The 38-year-old described her character to Collider as "delusional, crazy, tenacious yet exciting, determined, completely free-spirited, and kind of weird." Blunt found Lily to be very unusual for the time. She's apparently far more than just a "straight-laced British person."

Similarity: Is 'Jungle Cruise' an advanced depiction of African Queen?

Jungle Cruise's teasers made many believe that Walt Disney has made an updated version of The African Queen. However, son of Humphrey Bogart (lead in the 1951 film) doesn't find any similarity between the two movies. "I never thought of it as a continuation nor do I think Dwayne Johnson is trying to be Humphrey Bogart, that'd be tough," Stephen shared with EW.

Money talk: This is how much the lead actors are charging

Now, whenever The Rock comes in the picture, there's one question that's often asked, how much did he get paid? Well guess what, he received a payment that was more than double to what Blunt got. That's right! A 2018 report said that Johnson has charged a stunning $22mn for Jungle Cruise, whereas Blunt will get $9mn, despite both of them playing lead characters.

Release: Release of 'Jungle Cruise' is just 9 days away

Disney launched two trailers just a month before the slated release date, one for Johnson and another for Blunt. Along with that, a teaser dropped late May, showing off the gist of the movie. Jungle Cruise is set to premiere in theaters and for Disney Plus subscribers on July 30, after being delayed for more than a year because of the pandemic.

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