Justice For George Floyd: Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Open Up About Privilege And Racism

Sanyukta Thakare

Justin Bieber recently revealed that he feels ashamed for not calling out everyday racism against African-American citizens in the US sooner. The singer wishes he could have used his platform more to support the African-American community.

Justin, during a conversation with CNN on the ongoing protests and riots for Black Lives Matter in the past week, said that he will be using his platform more proactively to show support. The riots took place all over America after the killing of an unarmed black man named George Floyd, at the hands of white Minneapolis officers.

"I've been feeling shame in the sense of like, why did it take these men being killed for me to almost take a blanket over my eyes. Why now? I do feel bad when it comes to that," he admitted.

Hailey Baldwin's Post

Justin's wife and Supermodel Hailey shared the discussion with her fans on Instagram, and added in the caption, "As a white woman, I know I am privileged, and I didn't always understand what that really meant. I will never understand what it's like to be racially profiled and targeted and wake up everyday uncertain if I could lose my life because of the color of my skin."

Justin And Hailey's Live Session On Black Lives Matter

Hailey went on to urge her fans to talk, ask the right questions and be educated, "I want to know better so I can do better and I will not stop asking these questions and having these conversations... I want to keep learning how to be an ally, and I refuse to keep walking through life being ignorant. People get nervous to say the wrong thing, and I think this conversation is so healthy, because it's not about saying the wrong thing."

"Even if we do say the wrong thing, getting corrected in love and respect and saying, 'I'm telling you this because we respect each other and I want you to understand,'" Hailey added.

George Floyd's Death Has Been Ruled As Homicide

Many actors and singer have come forward to open up about racism, including Bollywood stars like Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor. American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift called out Donald Trump for white supremacy, while Steve Carell, Seth Rogan, Ryan Renolds, Blake Lively have donated to help safeguard the protests and to make sure their voice is heard.

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