'Justice League' sequels to be around Superman's son? Snyder reveals

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19 May 2021: 'Justice League' sequels to be around Superman's son? Snyder reveals

Is SnyderVerse getting expanded? Yes, it seems!

And this comes from the man himself, Zack Snyder.

Ahead of the release of Army of the Dead, he spilled beans on the same, adding that the stories for the next two Justice League sequels have been "figured out."

The DCEU, according to him, might be exploring something around the son of Superman-Lois Lane this time.

What's next?: The director gives out a big spoiler while discussing sequels

At the end of Zack Snyder's Justice League, Lane is shown as pregnant, according to the director.

"Lois is definitely pregnant and you would have to then [tell] the story of Lois's child. Look, the story's figured out," Snyder said.

He goes on to add that Batman dies (well, "this is a spoiler," he hastily adds), and Superman reunites all the others against Darkseid.

Batman: Superman's child to take up Batman's mantle after latter's death?

After the death of Ben Affleck's Batman, in what Snyder calls Justice League 3, we will see Superman's kid take up that mantle.

The kid, unlike his super strong and powerful father, won't have any Kryptonian powers in him.

Snyder described that the culmination of Justice League can be like the Lord of the Rings finale, and end with a 20-year time jump.

Studio: 'I don't know what Warner Bros. thinks (about Snyder Cut)'

Interestingly, ever since the release of Snyder Cut, the filmmaker has apparently been ghosted by Warner Bros.

The ace helmer said that he has no idea what the studio's opinion is about the Snyder Cut, as he has not heard from them in months.

"I haven't heard from them [Warner Bros.], I don't know what they think," Snyder said in an interview.

'Justice League': Snyder stepped down from 'Justice League' due to personal tragedy

Snyder Cut is basically made of the portions that the director shot for the 2017 film, before stepping down due to a personal tragedy.

When fans and many from the industry learned about the unused footage, they petitioned Warner Bros. for Snyder's version.

Besides, Affleck, Amy Adams, and Henry Cavill, the film also stars Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, and Ray Fisher, among others.

'Snyder Cut': How the 'Snyder Cut' became a reality?

The petition for Snyder Cut came after Justice League performed poorly at the box office.

It so happened that after Snyder quit, Marvel's Joss Whedon came in.

He extensively re-shot, and completed the film with a more light and humorous vibe.

Viewers and critics couldn't take it, and the film bombed. It wasn't even able to recover its crazy break-even point of $750 million.

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