Who is Justin Narayan, the Indian-origin chef who won MasterChef Australia 13?

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Justin Narayan
Justin Narayan

Justin Narayan, regarded as one of MasterChef Australia 13’s top candidates, has won the title this year. He defeated fellow finalists Kishwar Chowdhury and Pete Campbell. The 27-year-old was feeling over the moon after winning the top prize. It included a staggering USD 250,000 (Rs 1.86 crore) in cash and the prestigious MasterChef trophy.

Justin, a first-generation Australian with Fijian and Indian ancestry, began cooking when he was 13 years old. He had the ability to dazzle judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and also Jock Zonfrillo with his work. It is also widely chronicled throughout his MasterChef Australia journey.

“I feel incredibly honored and humbled to have that title and to be able to win this competition. I’m genuinely going to take a week to process this and let it sink in, and then I’ll, like, write you an email, let you know how I feel,” he said.

Because of his culinary technique, calmness in high-stress circumstances, and also originality, Justin has amassed a large following. In numerous episodes, fans have loved seeing him complete his responsibilities. “One of my all-time favorite dishes was the charcoal chicken and toum. It’s super delicious and reminds me of a lot of good times with a lot of good mates. My favorite challenge was definitely cooking at Andy’s Three Blue Ducks restaurant. That kitchen was unreal and running a real service, very addictive.”

Leap of faith

Justin talked about his experience on the show in a recent interview. “It’s a very humbling experience and I am absolutely honored to be a part of it. I’m going to be a sponge and try to enjoy as much of it as I can,” the first-gen Australian with Fijian and also Indian heritage, had shared.

Justin was a youth pastor before appearing on MasterChef Australia 13. Justin replied when asked what prompted him to leap of faith. He said, “I don’t think it was too big a jump. I absolutely loved what I got to do before – it was a way to service people, make them feel loved, create community and hopefully inspire them to do something they love, and being on MasterChef gives me all the same opportunities and more.”

Justin attributes his grandparents to implanting the love of food in him. “Growing up I was constantly around food, mum or grandma were always cooking because someone always seemed to be coming over. So I guess food and hospitality have always been in the culture of our family so that was a pretty good initiation. Growing up I absolutely loved watching cooking shows and so did my grandparents so that was the little thing that we would always bond over,” he shared.

More about Justin Narayan

On the show, Justin Narayan has discussed his Fijian and Indian ancestors. The show questioned his cultures’ effect on his culinary abilities. “It’s interesting because I think growing up it was a little embarrassing bringing food that was different to everyone else. I think like every other kid, you just want to fit in. But luckily since then, I’ve learned to appreciate my culture more so I guess MasterChef is my chance to do that on a plate,” he said.

As one of the show’s top contenders, it’s reasonable to be curious about his plans once the current season concludes. When asked if he had any ambitions to establish his own business, Justin replied, “That’s a big question. I’ve always loved watching cooking shows so it would be really cool to maybe make one of my own, but (I’m) definitely going to keep learning and try to get some experience in a kitchen and see where that leads.”

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