Justin Trudeau's morning jog in France has the internet wondering if it's staged

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in France for the G7 leaders’ summit.

On the agenda were climate change and the global effort to tackle the fires blazing through parts of the Amazon Rainforest. Canada is among the nations who have pledged $26 million to the cause.

But international diplomacy wasn’t going to get in the way of known health-nut Trudeau’s routine. On Sunday, the prime minister laced up his sneakers and sported a tank, cap and sunglasses to jog around Biarritz, where the G7 is being held.

An Australian reporter, Amelia Adams, posted a video to Twitter of Trudeau running past her.

She’s seen standing there as Trudeau approaches and she exclaims: “Oh, the things you see in Biarritz.”

“Good morning,” she shouts at Trudeau, who nods back without skipping a beat.

“On his morning run ahead of the G7,” she tells the camera.

The 10-second clip was posted early Sunday and has been shared thousands of times already — and viewed more than 1 million times.

Trudeau is a known runner. His office has said it is his main form of exercise and that he runs between two and six times a week, as his schedule permits.

Photos of him jogging routinely go viral, including the time he photobombed some teens during their prom.

Trudeau jogs past a group of high school students dressed for their prom in Vancouver on May 19, 2017. Adam Scotti/Courtesy Prime Minister's Office

And there’s that time he ran after a G7 meeting in Italy in 2017.

Trudeau jogs in Taormina after a G7 Summit of Heads of State and of Government, on May 27, 2017 in Sicily. GIOVANNI ISOLINO/AFP/Getty Images

And the time he ran shirtless in Toronto. And the time he ran with the former Mexican president in 2016.

Trudeau with former Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto running across the Alexandra Bridge from Ottawa to Gatineau, Que., on June 28, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

So, he’s a runner, OK?

But something about this particular, most recent incident in France has people accusing the prime minister of staging the video and run itself.

Commenting on Adams’ video, one user called the video “pathetic” and “totally staged.” Another commented on his pace, suggesting Trudeau is a slow runner.

“Terrible form,” one said. Another still is convinced it was all for the cameras.

But others chimed in to say they admire his “healthy living.”

One commenter took the opportunity to tout Canada’s health-care coverage.

Whatever the PM does at home, it seems he is still the toast of international politics, with Melania Trump as a fan.