K-Pop Stars and Their Skin-Care Routine: From I.M of Monsta X to Jihyo of TWICE, Korean Stars Share Tips To Get Perfect Glass Skin

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People around the world envy Korean skin, and for a good reason. Most Koreans have extremely young-looking skin, and they use products made with natural and harsh-free ingredients resulting in clear, glowy and the popularly known- glass skin. K-Beauty has been dominating the skin-care industry in the past decade, and the reasons are obvious. The 10 step skin-care routine for glass skin is overwhelming, to say the least. But K-Pop stars are specially looked up to, and people are always looking for their icon's secret to glowy skin. BTS Members & Their Zodiac Signs: Know Birthdays and Personality Traits of RM, Suga, Jimin, V, Jungkook, J-Hope and Jin!

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So let's take a look at the skin-care routines of some K-Pop stars. Consider these skin-care routines as blueprints to follow for putting your own in order and figuring out what to add to your lineup.

1. I.M of Monsta X

I.M starts his routine with a popular facial cleansing too- an electronic cleansing brush. This step is followed by the classic toner, essence, lotion and night cream. He does have oily and acne-prone skin, so he uses an oil-free night cream. And lastly, eye cream to complete his routine.

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2. Felix of Stray Kids

Felix is a double-cleansing person, which constitutes using both an oil-cleaner and cleansing foam. He follows this with a three-part moisturizing routine: a spray-on acidic cream, a cream with brightening and anti-wrinkle benefits, and finally, a bubbling lotion. A spritz or two of face mist finishes off the routine neatly.

3. Jihyo of TWICE

A three-stage makeup removal kicks things off- eye-makeup remover, cleansing milk and water-based cleanser. Jihyo moves on to toner, essence, and moisturizer to replenish her moisture levels. The final step: facial oil.

4. Aisha of Everglow

Like Jihyo, Aisha reaches for a trio of products to take off her stage makeup. However, she subs in a cold cream instead of cleansing milk. This is followed by toner, hydrating ampoule, lotion and moisturizer. To lock in all that hydration, Aisha smooths a facial oil on top. Last but not least, she slathers her lips with a balm.

5. Joy of Red Velvet

Joy has ten steps that she goes through every night, beginning with double-cleansing. She moves on to a moisturizing mask, followed by a regular toner and a bubble toner and then she dabs on a moisturizing ampoule and targets any breakouts she may have with a spot treatment. She finishes it off with a hydration three-step: moisturizer with a non-sticky finish, a barrier cream, and a sleeping mask.

If nothing else, we do hope you picked up the double-cleansing hack. Many celebrities and influencers swear by it, and for a good reason. There are, of course, more routines available online, but these particular routines have a varying number of steps and can serve as a good reference. Now go get that dewy, glowing skin!

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