Kabir Bedi Birthday Special: The Bold And The Beautiful, Octopussy, Sandokan - 9 European Films And Shows The Actor Has Been Part Of

Moumita Bhattacharjee
·3-min read

Did you Kabir Bedi is a Knight? No, not the proverbial knight in shining armour but the one Indian who actually has that title before his name. He was presented with the honour by the Italian government for his outstanding contribution to Italian cinema. Surprised or amused? Well, we are pretty sure you are both because, in Europe, Kabir Bedi is the favourite Bollywood star. His Italian-German-French TV show Sandokan made him one of the most renowned Indian actors overseas much before any of the Bollywood personalities could even dream of international fame. So on his birthday today, we thought we will tell you a bit about his global acclaim by listing out his many Hollywood and European movies and films. 31 Years of Khoon Bhari Maang: Kabir Bedi Calls the Rekha Film His Biggest Hit

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The Black Corsair (1976)

It's an Italian adventure film with revenge in the core of the story. Bedi played Corsaro Nero who is driven by revenge against Corsaro Nero. The latter killed his brothers. The movie is available on YouTube for viewing.

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Sandokan (1976)

This is the six-part series that made Kabir Bedi a star in Italy. People just couldn't have enough of him. This is an adventure of a pirate. You can watch in bits and pieces on YouTube. In 1996, a sequel was made with Bedi returning to his role.

La tigre è ancora viva: Sandokan alla riscossa (1977)

Bedi did a movie on Sandokan as well. It takes the story from the series forward with Bedi reprising his role as a pirate. Again, you can check Youtube for some scenes.

The Thief Of Baghdad (1978)

Bedi played Prince of Taj in this British-French co-production which was directed by Clive Donner. You can check out the feature on YouTube

Dynasty (1982)

A very popular ABC show of the 80s had Bedi playing Farouk Ahmed in one of the episodes called The Cliff. He played a Middle Eastern oilman. You can probably make a hunt for it on ABC's website.

Knightrider (1985)

Many who grew up in the 90s would remember this late-night show with a swanky car and a swankier lead called Knightrider. It was perhaps one of the first American shows that were dubbed in Hindi and aired on National television. Bedi featured in the fourth season.

Octopussy (1983)

A bond film that was not just shot in India but had a bevy of famous Indian actors in the cast starting from Kabir Bedi to Amrish Puri. Bedi played the villain man Govinda but his looks will make you fall for the bad guy, again! You can check this out on Amazon Prime Video.

The Bold And The Beautiful (1994)

People who were fortunate to have cable connections at that time must have watched this, as the name suggests, highly bold (for the 90s) and beautiful series. Bedi played Omar Rashid, the prince of Morocco. His love for Taylor makes him keep her from her true love and identity. The series is available for viewing on MX Player.

The Highlander: The Series (1995)

The Highlander was a sci-fi action-adventure film where Bedi played a priest of Kali who becomes immortal after his death. Although it isn't sure if you can watch them in India, the series is available on Amazon Prime Video for a price.