Before Kalla Sohna Nai, check out these music videos of Himanshi Khurana

Sana Farzeen
himanshi khurana

Himanshi Khurana became a household name after featuring in Bigg Boss 13.

Fans of Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana have been desperately waiting for the release of the duo's music video, "Kalla Sohna Nai". The two met in Bigg Boss 13 house, and while Riaz fell in love with her instantly, Khurana took time to realise her feelings for him.

Riaz, who has been a successful international model, went on to become the runner-up of Bigg Boss 13. While most of us got to know Khurana only when she entered the reality show, the singer-actor has been quite a popular name in Punjab. All her videos on YouTube have millions of views, and post Bigg Boss, the numbers are only increasing.

So all AsiManshi fans, as you get restless waiting for their romantic song, check out all the music videos of Himanshi Khurana.

Odhi Shreaam (2020)

Himanshi Khurana confesses her love for Asim Riaz in this song. Post her Bigg Boss 13 stint, when Khurana realised her attraction towards Riaz, she released the song.

I Like It (2019)

This is the music video that gave Shehnaaz Gill and Himanshi Khurana the opportunity to be on Bigg Boss 13. Wondering how? Well, after the song was released, Gill took to her social media accounts to criticise Khurana's work, and that soon stormed into an ugly war between them. The 'controversy', as they both keep mentioning, brought them enough media attention. While Gill entered the show from the start, Khurana was brought in as a wild card to be pitted against her. Well, Khurana does look pretty in this hip hop dance video, but we do agree with Shehnaaz on how bad and fake the former sounds in the song.

Teriyan Mohabbatan (2019)

The love ballad also features Johny Vick. While the song has nothing to talk about, Himanshi Khurana looks stunning in the music video.

High Standard (2018)

In this music video, Himanshi Khurana sings about her high standards. Khurana also clarifies that she wouldn't fall for a guy for money, luxury or gifts. The song's chorus has Khurana saying that her standards are even higher than her heels. In this video too, the actor looks ravishing.

Apart from being a singer, Himanshi Khurana is also an actor. She has featured in many music videos, showcasing her acting prowess.

Na Na Na Na (2015)

One of Himanshi's initial songs, “Na na na na” is actually the original “Main tera boyfriend, tu meri girlfriend” song. The video features J Star going to a teacher's house, and meeting her daughter (Khurana), and falling in love with her at first sight.

Mann Bharrya (2017)

The song by B Praak will leave one emotional as it deals with issues in love. While the video starts with a suspicious partner following every move of his ladylove, we soon find out it is actually the guy who has a philandering nature. When the girl (Khurana) stands up for herself, as he gets close with another woman, he beats her black and blue. With a shocking twist in the end, the song depicts the sad reality of domestic violence.

Daaru Badnam (2018)

While the original song had Kamal Kahlon and Param Singh, this video has Himanshi Khurana playing a wife, who wants her husband to quit drinking. Fans would definitely enjoy watching her in a typical Punjabi look. The actor looks adorable holding a 'belan' as she warns her husband. The video has a happy ending, where respecting his wife, the guy puts down the glass offered to him by his friends.