Kalyug Actress Smilie Suri Opens Up on Divorce from Vineet Bangera, Says 'He Left and Never Came Back'

Director Mohit Suri's sister Smilie Suri has not been a part of many films but had made herself known in the world of dancing. After the recent finalizing of her divorce, Suri opened up about why her marriage to her salsa mentor Vineet Bangera took a nosedive.

Bangera and Suri tied the knot in 2014. The following year they even appeared on Nach Baliye 7 together. Unfortunately, things quickly took a bad turn which resulted in their separation in 2016. Their divorce, on the other hand, was only recently finalized. Talking about her marriage and why it went downhill, she said, "Vineet was my Salsa teacher, and it’s easy to fall in love with your mentor, especially in a dance form, which is all about proximity. We connected over our passion for dance and mistook it for love. We realized that our decision was wrong only after marriage and staying under the same roof — our backgrounds and approach towards life was different."

Despite the problems in their relationship, the couple tried to fix matters but failed to reach a common ground. Suri revealed that even her family had tried to help. She said, "I tried my best to make the marriage work but in vain. My family, too, including my brother Mohit (Suri), cousin Emraan (Hashmi), his wife Parveen and my aunt Kumkum Saigal, tried their best to mediate, only to realize that the cracks were too deep. When every attempt failed, they gave me the strength to face those trying times. Vineet left me in December 2016 and never came back. I guess he realized before me that our marriage wasn’t working."

Suri has chosen to step away from her acting career and is currently entirely focussed on her dancing. Even after her divorce, she says that she hopes to get past her problems with her ex-husband and rekindle their friendship someday on the dance floor.