How Kamala Harris and Soon-To-Be 'Second Gentleman' Husband Douglas Emhoff Have Been Breaking Relationship Stereotypes

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Kamala Harris is soon taking over as the vice-president of the United States. Harris is representing many firsts. She is the first woman vice president, first Black woman and the first woman of Indian descent. But alongside her, her husband Douglas Emhoff, too, has been drawing a lot of attention, especially after the lawyer got his official Twitter handle with the name 'Second Gentleman.'

The couple appeared for an interview on CBS News Sunday Morning, where they shared several details of their relationships and especially that time when Harris ended up googling her now-husband before their first blind date.

Emhoff also shared a collage of the duo's interview with CBS, captioning it " When you find out your wife actually *did* Google you before your first blind date."

Emhoff, who had been married to Kristin Mackin for 16 years, met Harris in 2013 whom he wed in 2014. The duo were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. In a rigid political milieu where portraying emotions haven't always been the strong points of politicians or their spouses, Harris and Emhoff struck a note as the duo have always shown that they are strongly supportive and always in sync with each other.

One of the most prominent examples of Emhoff's protective trait for his wife showed when back in 2019, he had jumped in and wrestled the microphone from a protester who had grabbed it from Harris who was addressing the MoveOn's Big Ideas Forum in San Francisco. Harris told the audience later on, I'm good, I'm good, it's all good."

Perhaps one of the most intense breakdown of stereotypes Emhoff and Harris have portrayed was when it was announced that the former would leave his law practice to pursue his White House duties as the 'Second Gentleman'. Emhoff plans to teach law at the Georgetown University after Harris takes over as the VP.

The couple has also never shied away from talking about themselves and their relationship on social media. Like on Emhoff's birthday last year, Harris posted on Instagram, "The morning after our first date, @DouglasEmhoff emailed me a list of his available dates for the next couple of months. He said, 'I want to see if we can make this work.' We've been making it work ever since."

Emhoff to, has also always reciprocating. Speaking of their relationship, he described meeting Harris as "love at first sight" on social media.

The awkward texts post the first blind date phase soon passed over and the couple soon realised they wished to be with each other. So, in 2014 the duo got married in a courthouse in Santa Barbara in California. Their love and respect for each other's heritages was well established when they worked in elements from their culture, he wore a flower around his neck according to Indian tradition, and they stepped on a glass in a Jewish wedding ritual.

In their recent interview with CBS, Harris said, "The thing about Doug is he is exactly who he says he is. He is fully authentic, and clear about the things he cares about..its his family, his work,".to which Emhoff goes on to add, "you".

The couple also discussed how their extended family and relatives are from all over the world, with some of Harris' side of the family in India, some in US, Italy.

Watch the CBS interview here:

Emhoff, a lawyer, saw his account surging ahead in the number of followers after his new official account was set up as @SecondGentleman and has garnered close to 5.5 lakh followers so far. Emhoff's bio in the microblogging site reads, “Future Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff. Devoted dad. Proud husband to Vice President-elect Harris."