Kamathipura Is Now Streaming Under The Name 'The Tattoo Murders'; Meera Chopra Is Happy The Show Is Finally Out, Tanuj Virwani Asks 'What's In A Name?' - EXCLUSIVE

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With protests rising against the webseries on a redlight area being titled Kamathipura, Disney-Hotstar had stalled the series from streaming on schedule last month. The show hit the OTT platform on 9th April with a new title: The Tattoo Murderers.

Meera Chopra who plays one of the key roles in the series says, “The original name of the show was Kamathipura and I loved that title. In USA nd UK we have released the show by the same name on Amazon Prime. But Hotstar didn’t want to release the show in India with the title Kamathipura as local people objected to the name . This issue was even discussed by an MLA in Vidhan Sabha to get a stay on the show.”

Meera who was last seen as an alleged rape survivor in Article 375 explains how they took the decision to change the title. “Hotstar, and all of us as a team, decided that we don’t want to hurt anybody’s sentiments, and don’t want to anger people specially in these testing times. So hence the name has been changed just for the Indian market.”

Meera admits she preferred the earlier title. “I preferred Kamathipura as that is more apt but then now I am happy that the show is finally out without any legal problems for people to watch it.”

Tanuj Virwani who plays the arch-villain disagrees with Meera. “It is already streaming on Hotstar India as The Tattoo Murders and in the UK and US on Amazon Prime as Kamathipura. I feel okay about it, to be honest. After all as Shakespeare once said , what’s in a name. The content is the same and that is what matters .”

Image source: Instagram/#thetattoomurders

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