Kamya Panjabi Interview: Opens Up On Her Marriage With Shalabh Dang, 'I Wanted Happiness For Myself'- EXCLUSIVE

Kamya Panjabi is beaming with happiness as she is all set to marry her boyfriend Shalabh Dang on Feb 10, 2020. The actress in an exclusive conversation with SpotboyE.com talks about how it all began for the lovebirds, the wedding preparations, and their plans after that.

Tell us about your first meeting with Shalabh and how did it all happen?

I spoke to him over the phone first. I had wanted some medical advice. Some friend had given me his reference. Then, on Feb 1, he came to Bombay for some work and we had met then. It was not a personal meeting, it was work related. Soon, we started talking.

How did it develop into love and who took the initiative?

He took the initiative. It just happened gradually as we began talking. I really liked certain qualities of Shalabh. He's been very caring and concerned for me. Obviously, we were friends in the beginning, but very soon, he proposed me for marriage.

But considering that you have had little ups and downs in your personal life, weren't you a bit way about getting into a relationship this time?

See, I started talking to Shalabh without any such intentions initially. It was the same for him. When we got to know each other well, that's when he proposed to me and I took some time before saying yes. Of course, I knew that he is a mature and good man but I was not sure about marriage, even though I was sure about him as a person. And then, slowly and steadily, I got convinced to tie the knot.

So, when the thought of marriage came to your mind, did your parents or child come into the picture and encourage you?

I believe in one thing. When it is about having a child or getting married, it has to be your decision. If you take the call under pressure or under the influence of someone else, then it only means that it wasn't your decision entirely. For me, it wasn't that way. The kind of person I am, I do it only if I want to. I cannot do anything under pressure or under any sort of influence whatsoever. So yes, neither my child or my parents brainwashed me, this was wholly and solely my decision. I was sure about Shalabh.

Were you ever slightly apprehensive that since you have a grown up child and a new man is entering your life, will your family accept him or not?

Main abla naari nahin hu!

But at the end of the day, the first priority is always the child right?

First priority is definitely my child but I want to live my life too. It is up to me as to how I mould my daughter into this situation. I would never fall for a man who doesn't know the importance of a family. But when I see, here's a man who loves my family as much as he loves me, he even loves my daughter and understands the responsibility quite well. He has also raised his son alone. So, he can very well understand. And I was impressed by his qualities in general.

Did Shalabh ever sit down with you to provide you reassurance?

No, that situation never came. Because from the start only, I was happy and even my family loves him. If you meet my sister, she is arranging everything for the Mehendi and she said, 'It's my gift to you'll.' My mother is so happy that she said she wants to send out wedding invitations to each of them personally.

Personal wedding invites are always better than WhatsApp ones...

No WhatsApp for me as I'm a bit desi in that sense. I'm not against sending invites on WhatsApp, but I want to do this for myself, and send them out personally.

So, you will be staying in Mumbai post marriage?

No, we will be juggling between Mumbai and Delhi. He is doing so well in his career and obviously, the motive is to grow in life, so I wouldn't want him to leave everything for me and shift here. We keep our professional lives apart. After few years, let's see what happens.

Any changes or renovations being done at your house?

It has always been me, my mother and my child. And it’s a big enough house so we don't need to do this.

Would you like to have another child?

We haven't thought about it. We have two children- one boy and one girl. We haven't planned about it yet.

Coming back to your wedding day, all preparations done?

Preparations are going on...

So what are you wearing on that day (Feb 10)?

I'll be wearing a lehenga.

Any particular designer?

Yes definitely, she is a friend and I love her work. Her name is Anuradha Khurana. I'm going with her to shop and also doing the fabrication work.

What's the colour of the lehenga?

Thoda suspense rehne do.


Where is the marriage happening?

At the Gurdwara in Mumbai


We are looking forward to seeing you on-stage…

There's no stage, it's a dance floor. Come on, it's my wedding. We are living in 2020. We will be circulating amongst the guests.

Image Source:-Instagram/panjabikamya

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