Kangana Called Out for Mocking Mental Health & Appearances Online

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Kangana Ranaut has been called out by social media users for her latest remarks on mental health and appearances. Replying to a Twitter user who tried to get across the message that falling apart on days is completely normal, illustrator Priyanka Paul said that she herself has had meltdowns, had broken down in public, self-harmed and lied about how she felt.

To that Kangana Ranaut mocked Priyanka for speaking out on mental health and even ridiculed her appearance. "You have admitted you are suicidal, you are toxic, you even have a creepy appearance - what is it that you don't have? Change that hairstyle ASAP and learn to meditate", Kangana wrote.

The exchange continued, with Priyanka saying, "Go f***k yourself" and Kangana replying, "No no no I am hot and sexy and I don't do it myself".

In her latest post Priyanka wrote, "Lets take a moment to think about how Kangana Ranaut, a 33 year old woman, padmashri recipient (apart from dragging my mental health and mocking my appearance) also thinks that in 2020 having sex is some sort of achievement".

A number of Twitter users came to Priyanka's support, criticising Kangana for her remarks. "Here's our fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India, Padma Shri award winner, Ms. Kangana Ranaut", a user wrote.

Another user wrote, "I am hot and sexy and I do it myself".

Here are some other reactions:

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