Is Kangana India’s Marlon Brando?


Is Kangana India’s Marlon Brando? Well, here’s the answer!

Kangana Ranaut is one of the finest actresses that we have around. Apart from giving a power packed performance in every role, she is also someone who does not shy away from standing for the right thing. However, standing for the right, sometimes comes with a cost and even for Kangana it has meant giving up of honours given to her by film awards. Hence, it comes as no surprise that she she is being compared to Brando.

Veteran actor Marlon Brando had the resurrection of a lifetime with his most memorable performance – the ruthless, cunning and violent Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather (1972). It came as no surprise that Brando’s name was announced as the recipient of the Best Actor Oscar. However, instead of Marlon, it was actress Sacheen Littlefeather, who took the stage. She kept out her palm in front refusing to accept the Academy Awards and instead, started her speech, which was a 15-page letter by Marlon and in which he detailed that he could not accept the award for the treatment of American Indians in the film industry.

Kangana too had maintained a similar stand for the treatment of Hindus in Bollywood.

It was Kangana’s sister Rangoli that first pointed out the similarities. In her Tweet, Rangoli says, “I can’t pretend not to see many similarities here, Kangana has always been upset about disrespected portrayal of Hindus ( Native Indians) like great talent Brando, Kangana too gained huge respect nation wide. She too used her popularity to ask imp questions, she too refused honours given to her by film awards, Wow!!
Getting goosebumps ”


In Bollywood where people go to any lengths to secure as many awards as one can, Kangana is like a breath of fresh air that wants to stick by the right rather than stack up awards.

After Rangoli pointed out the similarities, even other people are noticing the same and calling Kangana the Indian Brando. The title we think she truly deserves

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