Kangana Ranaut: Angry at Indira Jaising For Nirbhaya’s pardon to the culprits

Rajendra Pal

Kangana Ranaut, who was in the news for her outrageous statements, has now drawn anger on the accused of the Nirbhaya gang rape. During the press conference during the premiere of ‘Panga‘, She said that such people should be hanged at the gallows. Her film ‘Panga’ is releasing on January 24.

Regarding the accused of Nirbhaya gang rape and murder, Kangana said, ‘One was a minor who rapes, who is capable of raping, according to what is minor. The people who are able to reproduce, are able to rape, they are not even a minor. Such people should be killed at the crossroads, they should hang there, they should know what is rape and what is its punishment. For so many years, his mother and his father have been suffering, what will be the condition of the whole family. Where is this struggle by struggling, what is this society, what is the use of killing silently if you are not able to set an exam? They should be killed at the crossroads and hanged. ‘

Delhi Patiala House Court has issued a death warrant against the four convicts of the Nirbhaya gang-rape case. The culprits are to be hanged at 6 am on 1 February. The four convicts were to be hanged on January 22, but a new death warrant was issued after a convict filed a mercy petition. His mercy petition has also been rejected.

Kangana also expressed her anger at senior advocate Indira Jaising.  She said, the womb of women like Indira Jaising produces rapists, such women should be kept in jail with rapists for 4 days. Please tell that Indira Jaisingh appealed to Nirbhaya’s mother that she should forgive Nirbhaya’s culprits.

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