Kangana Ranaut: Feel free to try on what feels right for you

My favourite outfit: It is not constant. It varies depending on my mood and the occasion. So it could be a simple white linen dress, or a beautiful gown to be worn on the red carpet.

My favourite designers: I like Sabyasachi, Moschino, Chanel, Versace.

I pick my clothes: From Mumbai.

When I am abroad: I buy clothes from all over. I shop a lot when I am abroad because I have the luxury of time.

My favourite colours: I love all the colours in the palette. I love variety.

My favourite fabric: I like to experiment. The season dictates the choice, I like linen outfits in summer.

My favourite brand in jeans: D&G.

I have a fetish for: Handbags.

My handbag always contains: Almost everything I need. My iPod, phone, chewing gum, change of clothes, sunglasses etc. 

My wardrobe is incomplete without: A white linen dress.

I would like my man to be dressed in: A black suit with a black shirt and tie is nice for a formal occasion.

According to me, the best-dressed men and women are: George Clooney, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham. In India, I think Zeenat Aman was a real fashion icon.

The most expensive outfit/ accessory I have bought: I love clothes and spend most of my money on clothes. Some dresses are very expensive, even more than diamonds! When I was young and beginning my career in the industry, I spent all my money on this one dress and did not have enough left to even put food on the table but I had no regrets. 

My favourite perfume: Chanel No. 5.

My tip on clothes: Experiment. Feel free to try on what feels right for you. Get to know your body, and highlight your best features and assets.

My shampoo:  Bodyshop.

My conditioner:  Bodyshop again.

My hair care routine comprises: Oil massages, shampoo and conditioning.

My favourite shades and brands in make-up: They vary depending upon the time, occasion and my mood.

While not shooting, my make-up comprises: Very little. At home, you'll never find me with make-up during the day. For evening-wear, I wear light make-up, maybe a concealer, some lip colour, some eye make-up. It’s an art to get the make-up right without piling it on.