Kangana Ranaut Reacts Over Taapsee Pannu Being Called ‘Sasti Copy’ By Rangoli Chandel!

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While there might be some problems in-between Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel and Taapsee Pannu, the former is all hearts for the Badla actress!

Seems like Rangoli Chandel indeed made a mistake post her tweet on calling out Taapsee Pannu as ‘Sasti Copy’, but one that was rectified by Kangana Ranaut herself, in her recent interview!

It was just a few days earlier that Taapsee Pannu had talked about how JudgeMentall Hai Kya’s trailer has left her impressed and totally looking forward to the team’s hardwork making success! To this tweet, Rangoli Chandel made an off-hand comment of how Taapsee isn’t orginal enough and should be more specific in her appraisal of the film.

The attack being meaningless and harsh, backfired on Rangoli, as Taapsee Pannu’s friends and colleagues started criticizing Fangoli for her tone and desperation. Well, reacting to the same, Taapsee Pannu in her interview with Mumbai Mirror stated that, “We are both opinionated and speak our mind which is a good thing except that sometimes it lands us in trouble. I had said it in a positive manner and not meant for it to be derogatory. In fact, I have often said Kangana’s an actor I look up to, my conscience is clear. It was weird to target me, that’s why it backfired.”

She further added that, “I didn’t know there was a copyright on curly hair, which I was born with, and honest opinions. I’m not going to apologise for it. As far as being “sasti” is concerned, Kangana claims to be the highest-paid actress, so I guess I am the ‘sasti’ version,” Taapsee added.

Well, just like the Game Over actress, Kangana Ranaut isn’t one to mince her words nor one to attack anyone unreasonably! In her recent interview, Kangana Ranaut talked about the misunderstanding and cleared her equation with Taapsee in the most flawless ways.

Kangana commented that she is indeed very happy and honoured to be looked upto by Taapsee, and that coming from the same kind of background while growing together in the industry, she too respects Taapsee’s work. She further stated that the two have seen each other’s works and this is the way how actresses inspire each other to grow more. There’s no hard feelings or any wrong in-between her and Taapsee.

Well, that definitely clears out any leftover misconceptions that Kangana and Taapsee do not share warmth or respect for each other.

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