Kangana Ranaut receives legal notice over fake tweet

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Kangana Ranaut receives legal notice over fake tweet
Kangana Ranaut receives legal notice over fake tweet

03 Dec 2020: Kangana Ranaut receives legal notice over fake tweet

A legal notice has been issued to actor Kangana Ranaut over a tweet where she had falsely identified an old woman involved in the ongoing farmers' protest as Shaheen Bagh's "Bilkis Dadi."

The notice, sent by an advocate from Punjab, demands the actor to tender an apology within seven days for her tweet.

Here are more details on this.

Context: What was Kangana's tweet all about?

Kangana had posted a picture of an old woman from Punjab, claiming that she was the same "dadi" who was earlier part of Shaheen Bagh protest.

She alleged that the old woman was available for protests for Rs. 100.

The actor deleted the post after she was criticized for it.

The old woman in the picture was Mohinder Kaur, a resident of Punjab's Bathinda.

Details: Who is Shaheen Bagh's 'Bilkis Dadi'?

Bilkis Dadi was one of the most prominent protesters at the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (or anti-CAA) protests at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi earlier this year.

In fact, she was also recognized by the US-based Time Magazine among the 100 most influential people of 2020.

According to Kangana's tweet, she has now joined the farmers' protest.

Fact: 'It's very bad': Mohinder Kaur on Kangana's comment

"I was told some actor wrote about me like this. She never visited my house, never saw what I am doing and she said that 'I am available at Rs. 100.' Bohot buri gal hai...assi ki karne hai 100 rupaye," Mohinder Kaur has said.

Protests: What are the farmers protesting against?

The farmers are protesting against three new laws, which the government says are aimed at eliminating the middlemen and improving farmers' earnings by allowing them to sell their produce anywhere in the country.

However, many farmers have alleged that the laws will deprive them of the minimum guaranteed price and leave them at the mercy of corporates.

Legal notice: 'Degraded the image of each lady,' said advocate

Advocate Hakam Singh, who has sent the legal notice said, "I sent a legal notice for a tweet misidentifying Ms. Mohinder Kaur as Bilkis Bano with an insinuation that she (Ms. Kaur) was available as a hired protester for Rs. 100 (sic)."

The notice added that Kangana's words not only "degraded the image of each lady and each person," but also the protesting farmers.

Other cases: Kangana has been involved in a number of legal battles

In the recent past, Kangana has been involved in a number of legal battles over her comments and social media posts.

Earlier, an FIR was filed against the actor and her sister Rangoli Chandel for allegedly spreading communal hatred.

She was also booked by the Karnataka Police over her tweet on farmers protesting against the said farm laws.