Kangana Ranaut’s response to Deepika Padukone’s JNU visit, ‘I don’t support a Tukde-Tukde Gang’

Rajendra Pal

Kangana Ranaut On Deepika Padukone JNU Visit- Kangana Ranaut has said about Deepika Padukone’s JNU visit that ” the actress can do what he wants but she does not support the Tukde-Tukde Gang (laughing).”

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is also known for her film and fashion as well as her unassuming opinion. Kangana Ranaut often expresses her opinion on issues ranging from Bollywood to social issues. Recently, Kangana Ranaut spoke on actress Deepika Padukone’s JNU visit, which became a topic of discussion on TV channels a few days ago.

Kangana Ranaut said about Deepika Padukone in an interview with Spotboye that Deepika knows what she is doing and who she is standing with. He also said, “Deepika is exercising her democratic right and Kangana does not have the right not to give her opinion on this step of Deepika.”

However, Kangana said that she is not standing behind the ‘ Tukde-Tukde Gang ‘. At the same time, Kangana said, ‘I do not support any gang who divides the country into pieces. I do not give power to those who celebrate the martyrdom of soldiers. I do not want to support them. So I can say what I want, but don’t want to comment on anyone else. ‘

At the same time, Kangana said about boycotting Deepika’s film Chhapak on social media that it does not affect the film and if the film is good then it definitely goes on. Let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut had also given her reaction about JNU earlier and raised her voice against JNU. Recall that Deepika Padukone went to support the protesting students after the violence in JNU.

Kangana Ranaut is soon coming up with a film based on the life of the National Kabaddi player. The trailer of this film has already been released, after which now the songs of the film are also being released. Recently, the romantic title track of Panga film has been released, which featured Kangana and Jassi’s Cute Love Story.

The film Panga, directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, is scheduled to be released on January 24 this month.

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