Kangana Ranaut Rubbishes Apurva Asrani’s Allegations Over ‘Simran’

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Even as things heat up around who gets the writing credits for Hansal Mehta’s Simran, actor Kangana Ranaut has responded to writer Apurva Asrani’s allegations of her trying to cheat him of his work. In an interview to Huffington Post, Kangana says Apurva’s story was drastically different from Simran’s final script.

According to the actor, Apurva’s story was a “dark thriller” where a drug-addict “goes into a life of crime”. Kangana says she felt that it had to be rewritten because the story would appeal to a very limited audience and once on it, realised that Apurva “didn’t meet my expectations”.

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Kangana says she introduced the “divorced” angle to the story along with the sub-plots, adding to it “feminist undercurrents”. The actor shares the flow of events that led her to contribute significantly to the script and expresses her disappointment at how everyone is jumping the wagon to decide that she is “a vamp here”.

She also points out that Apurva is not fighting for “his credits” but to prevent her from getting hers.

The actor also says that “the industry is full of prejudices” and she is determined to “challenge those notions come what may”.

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(Source: Huffington Post)