Kangana Ranaut: Simran will beat up her boyfriend if he leaks her personal details in public – watch exclusive video

Gaurang Chauhan
How would Simran react if she bags a Salman Khan film?

Kangana Ranaut will be back on the big screen with this Friday’s Simran. The trailer of the film seems like a quirky one and feel good flick. In the trailer Simran aka Praful Patel, the character is actually named as, is shown as the independent woman, who is happy and content in life, however she is a kleptomaniac and as an addiction of gambling. So when I caught with Kangana Ranaut and Simran’s director Hansal Mehta, in a BollywoodLife exclusive, I gave them few situations and asked them to anticipate how would Simran (Praful Patel, the character) would react. When asked about if Simran sees her boyfriend flirting with another girl, Kangana says that Simran will see another boy around and make her way through that. Also read: Kangana Ranaut on chauvinist Bollywood: We never say that a man has slept his way to his success – watch video

Simran is a kleptomaniac in the film, so when the duo were asked what if someone steals something from her which she had also stolen in the first place, what would she do? Here, Hansal Mehta was quick to answer that Simran will beat up that guy because she too faced difficulty in stealing the stuff.

Then Kangana was asked what would she do if Simran’s boyfriend leaks her personal details in public, Hansal said, she’d definitely beat him up. Kangana added, “Bahut Pitoge” and  then added that she’d beat him up when they’ll be at home.

It’s a known fact that Kangana Ranaut was approached for Salman Khan’s Sultan but apparently she rejected the role and in return asked Aditya Chopra Sultan’s title role instead. So when they were asked if Simran bags a Salman Khan film how would she react, Hansal and Kangana both were of opinion that she’d ask for Salman Khan’s role. Also read: Kangana Ranaut EXPOSES Bollywood’s sexist behaviour – read details

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