From Kangana Ranaut to Sonam Kapoor: Nazma Aapi's mimicry will leave you in splits

Get over the idea of dub mashing your favourite Bollywood celebs, this latest internet sensation is making waves for her authentic viral videos. Filled with content that will even make stand-up comedians run for their money, this woman dressed in a hijab with an old Delhi style accent, calls herself Nazma Aapi, and has a say on everything that’s going on around us.

From CAA protests to the violence that took place in JNU, Nazma Aapi’s take will leave you in splits. Not just that, but she can also mimic actresses like Kangana Ranaut and Sonam Kapoor, that will surely tickle your funny bones.

So who is Nazma Aapi? According to India Today, the woman in these rib tickling videos is Saloni Gaur, a 20-year-old undergraduate student pursuing Political Science and Economics from Delhi University. The ability to make people laugh has garnered her 25k followers on Twitter already.

Watch her videos below.

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