Kangana Ranaut's 'B-Grade' Remark Came From An Agenda: Swara

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Swara Bhasker, in an interview, has reacted to Kangana Ranaut's 'B-grade' remark about her. Swara said she was unaffected by it as she knew there was an 'agenda' behind the comment. Following Sushant Singh Rajput's death last year, Kangana called Swara and Taapsee Pannu 'B-grade actresses' in a television interview, adding that they deny the cons of nepotism in order to stay in Karan Johar's good books.

Speaking to Bollywood Bubble Swara said,

""I think I was lucky that when anybody raised that kind of comment about my work, there were so many people to defend me. I didn’t have to say anything myself. I think I also understand where some of these vicious comments come from - an agenda. They are not commenting on my work, they are not even commenting on my performance. I would accept a fair criticism when it comes to my performance"." -

Swara added that while she is open to fair criticism she feels like these remarks like Kangana's fall under 'trolling'. "I don’t take stuff like this seriously because I don’t take trolling seriously. I think it’s completely silly, baseless, pointless. If you are making a valid critique, I would still accept it. But what is there to feel bad about someone who is just showing you their lowest self? They should feel bad", the actor told the publication.

Taapsee Pannu had also reacted strongly to Kangana's remarks. "I'm okay with people calling me names sitting in their house because it's their call. But you can't discredit me of my hard work. Just because I don't follow the same route, say the same things as you, it doesn't make me inferior in any way", she had said in an interview.

(With inputs from Bollywood Bubble)

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