Here’s What Kangana Has to Say to Saif’s ‘Concept of India’ Remark

Kangana Ranaut has something to say about Saif Ali Khan’s recent comments on India’s history and identity. Kangana said people are following ‘smaller narratives’ that they have created to suit themselves.

In an interview to Anupama Chopra, Saif has opened up about the politics of his latest film Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. “I don’t think this is history,” Saif had said “I don’t think there was a concept of India till the British gave it one.”

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Speaking to Zee News about this comment, Kangana said that the existence of Mahabharata proves that a united India existed before the British took over the country.

"“If there was no Bharat, then what is Mahabharata? That 5,000-year-old text, what was it? What did Ved Vyas write? Some people have created these narratives only to suit their interests. Sri Krishna was in Mahabharata. So there was a Bharat, that’s why it was mahaan (great). All the kings of India came together to fight that war. So it’s natural.”" - Kangana Ranaut, Actor

The actor further went on to say that even Europe has small nations. “But these had a collective identity, that’s why Sri Krishna went to all these places with Pandavas and the Kauravas, to ask them who will be a part of the war.”

During his conversation, Saif did admit that he didn’t have a problem with the politics "as an actor”, but he does “as an individual”. “I was very excited to play the role because its a delicious role. But when people say this is history. I don’t think this is history. I am quite aware of what the history was,” said Saif, who is a known history buff.

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