Kangana's Twitter ban: Designers cut ties; Koo app welcomes her

Shreya Mukherjee
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05 May 2021: Kangana's Twitter ban: Designers cut ties; Koo app welcomes her

The last 24 hours have been explosive for Rangoon actress Kangana Ranaut.

Yesterday morning, her account was permanently suspended from Twitter for "repeated violations" of rules.

Since then, Ranaut has not ceased to be a hot topic of debate.

More than one fashion designer has announced permanent severance of ties with the actress.

In contrast, home-grown microblogging platform, Koo has warmly welcomed her.

Fact: Do the right thing, says fashion designer Anand Bhushan

Cutting ties: Designer Anand Bhushan pledged to never work with Ranaut again

Designer Anand Bhushan said that he did the "right thing," when he announced he would never be working with the Queen star again.

His latest tweet reads, "In view of certain events today, we have taken a decision to remove all collaboration images with Kangana Ranaut from our social media channels."

The statement added, "We as a brand do not support hate speech."

Fact: Rangoli said she will be taking legal action against Bhushan

Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel lambasted Bhushan, saying his tweet was only "to get mileage on Kangana's name." Stressing the actress was never associated with the designer in any capacity, Chandel added she will be suing Bhushan for alleging Ranaut had ever endorsed his brand.

More bans: Rimzim Dadu: 'Never too late to do the right thing'

Fellow designer Rimzim Dadu followed Bhushan's steps.

The house pledged to remove all "posts of past collaborations" with Ranaut.

Sharing an image of the actress donning one of their outfits, Dadu wrote it was, "Never too late to do the right thing."

To recall, the Twitter ban had come after Ranaut's flurry of tweets about the West Bengal election results and post-poll violence.

Other side: Twitter rival, Koo app has welcomed Ranaut with open arms

Ranaut had been pretty loud on the platform, opining that in order to "tame" Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, "Modi ji" needed to "show your Virat roop from early 2000's."

That led to Twitter banning her, but when one door closes, another opens.

Twitter's indigenous rival, Koo, has jumped into the equation. Its founders assured the actress that she can express her views "with pride."

Details: 'You can voice your opinions to everyone here with pride'

Co-founder and CEO Aprameya Radhakrishna, referring to one of her posts on the platform dated February, said Ranaut was right about feeling at home while using Koo.

"Kangana Jee, you can voice your opinions to everyone here with pride," said another co-founder Mayank Bidawatka.

Launched in 2020, Koo had risen to popularity when senior government officials started tweeting about it in February this year.