Kanishk Gupta~ The leading entrepreneur in Stock Market

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Having the right vision and knowledge about how to work for the passion of earning money and investing time and intelligence into it is a great deal of dedication. A person who is thoroughly working day and night just to make his dream come true can achieve literally anything and everything he desires for. But it massively depends on luck which itself is a great factor for such huge success. Kanishk is one of such personality with great dedication and determination for his passion.

Kanishk Gupta is a 20 years old, leading Business person from city Noida, in the Industry of Stock Market. He is running an ISO certified successful company named Incomet. This is one of the leading companies which trains people the tactics of stock marketing and helps people to make income from financial markets. It’s a company of 8000 people which is running fruitfully. People can work as traders, investors, Businessmen at incomet. This young man is putting various level of efforts in making the company successful.

Kanishk Gupta has a different perspective towards life. To his belief its not just the degree and paper marksheets which decides the intellect of a person but his efforts and smart work play a huge role in it. He is a man who believes in Smartwork more than Hardwork. His dream is to make 1 million people financially free with the help of stock marketing, and make incomet India’s biggest company in this field. For which he is working really hard.

We wish him all the gold and glitter for his future goals and wish him all the success ahead.

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