Kannada Actor Upendra Rao to Enter Politics and Float Party

Taking a break from reel life, Kannada film superstar Upendra, on 12 August, announced he was entering politics and would float a new party soon to serve the people without the burden of caste, religion and discrimination. Speaking to reporters, he said:

I am entering the field of politics to bring about a change in the system of governance, serve the people and improve their quality of life.

The 49-year-old Sandalwood hero has created three e-mail IDs to seek ideas and suggestions from the people and their willingness to join him in serving as a 'worker' of his would-be party.

He said, “I am starting with an open mind and a clean state, as I want my party to be run by the people for the people to meet their needs and aspirations as an ordinary worker.”

Noting politics was an art of serving the people, Upendra lamented that the present system of governance was not able to meet the needs or growing aspirations of the people.

Politics is about the people, not politicians. For some reason, the system has been corrupted. In a real democracy, people are the kings and ministers are their servants who are paid salaries from the money collected from us as taxes.

Regretting that even after 70 years, political parties play vote bank politics to win elections and spend huge money for public rallies and meetings, he said, “Sadly, politics in our country relies on mass hysteria, caste, religion, money, fame and popularity to survive or thrive. This needs to be changed.”

Appealing to people from different walks of life, including honest people and retired officials, to join him in providing an alternate system, he said he was committed to the cause, which was dear to his heart.

Ahead of the announcement, the actor on Friday night sent an audio clip on Whatsapp and through Facebook indicating his imminent plunge into politics.

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