The Kapil Sharma Show preview: Jackie Shroff reveals he was replaced by Mithun in Swami Dada

Sana Farzeen
the kapil sharma show jackie shroff

Jackie Shroff will make an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show on Saturday.

This Saturday, actor Jackie Shroff will grace The Kapil Sharma Show. The actor will be seen having a lot of fun with the team and will go on to share some interesting stories from his life. He will also ask Krushna Abhishek to mimic him, and will be seen lauding the comedian's skills. As a mark to celebrate his journey, Kapil Sharma and his team will also put up a special dance performance.

When Dev Anand replaced Jackie with Mithun

Jackie Shroff will share some incidents from his film journey and talk about an incident where he was replaced by Mithun Chakraborty. Shroff was good friends with Dev Anand's son. Dev Anand had seen him in an ad and decided to cast him in an important role for Swami Dada. But since Jackie did not know how to dance, the role went to Mithun Chakraborty. Jackie was cast as the villain's (Shakti Kapoor) right hand. However, Jackie will share that all these experiences helped in honing his skills.

jackie shroff

Jackie Shroff will talk about his film journey on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Jackie Shroff once lied to his girlfriend about his family

While talking about his struggle, Jackie Shroff will share a funny incident about his girlfriend in school. Shroff stayed in a chawl but fell in love with an upper class girl. When she demanded to meet his mother, he lied to her that he stays alone in the house. Shroff even got his mother involved, who left the house when his girlfriend came to visit. However, he soon realised that love doesn't see class and told her the truth.

Jackie Shroff returns Archana Puran Singh’s favour after ages

Archana Puran Singh will go down memory lane to share anecdotes of her friendship with Jackie Shroff. She will share that he has a heart of gold, and is always ready to help others. Archana will reveal that when they were both struggling, Jackie would give money to the poor, sometimes by borrowing it from her. Touched by her revelations, Jackie will give Rs 500 to Archana in return of the five rupees that she had given him years back. Archana will go on to share that she has always had a huge crush on Jackie.

archana puran singh jackie shroff

Archana Puran Singh will talk about her long standing friendship with Jackie Shroff.

Here's how Jackie bagged his first modelling assignment

Just like his son Tiger Shroff, Jackie, too was interested in action when he started his career. Talking to Kapil Sharma, he will share that he trained in action before entering the industry. But it was destiny that he bagged a modelling assignment which changed his image. Jackie will say that he was working as a travel agent when someone noticed him and offered him a big assignment.