Kapil Sharma Slammed for Joking About 300 Girlfriends of Sanjay Dutt on His Show


Kapil Sharma has a habit of landing himself in hot water for his sense of humor on The Kapil Sharma Show. His latest upsetting statement comes from his conversation with Sanjay Dutt when the actor appeared on the show to promote his now-released film Panipat.

In the episode, Kapil Sharma expressed admiration towards Dutt for having had more than 300 girlfriends which was a joke mentioned in a film on the actor, titled Sanju. Dutt's response to this was to state that he always keeps a record of his numbers and is currently considering his co-star Kriti Sanon to be his 309th girlfriend owing to her impressive performance in the film, he joked.

While everyone laughed at this, actress Dipannita Sharma lashed out against it. She took to Twitter to state that it would not have been a joke if stated by an actress and that this went on to show society's hypocrisy in terms of gender. She was also supported by other Twitter users who agreed with her.

An actor on a show to promote his next release talks about his score of over 300 girlfriends.The host & audience laughs in good jest.What If a woman said the same thing on a show?Would that be a joke too?This basic gender bias is what has always been wrong.The root of all evil !

— Dipannita Sharma (@Dipannitasharma) December 5, 2019

It’s not so much as double standards as it is male arrogance. They shouldn’t talk about the number of women they’ve dated. It’s just cheap to call women a ‘score.’ I mean what sort of upbringing does one have to make a count of other human beings? Appalling!

— Dil Vil (@TheHeartWoman) December 5, 2019

Well said @Dipannitasharma...

All these evil deed against women hood happen bcoz of such ill mindset... people make fun of it

shamelessly...the person who says so gets glorified.

Had it been said by a girl,then people would raise questions on her character...

— Soumya Speaks (@subhmech) December 7, 2019

Totally agree with you! Double standards of our society. We have progressed on various fronts, yet we have different rules for men and women! Really sad!

— Rashmi Bora Das (@rashmiUTK) December 5, 2019

Earlier last week Kapil Sharma had received a lot of backlash for joking about Archana Puran Singh's body figure and teasing her. It looks like its only a matter of time before the comedian takes another slip.

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