Karachi 81 first look: Prithviraj, Tovino star in film on ‘India’s greatest episode of espionage’


Prithviraj is unrecognisable in the first look of Karachi 81.

Three years after its initial announcement, director KS Bava's espionage thriller, Karachi 81, is back in the spotlight. The first look poster of the upcoming movie was unveiled on Republic Day 2020. The poster features Prithviraj, who has transformed into an elderly, with the help of prosthetic makeup. His character seems to share an eerie similarity with the aged look of Kamal Haasan in director Shankar's Indian.

However, it is unclear whether Prithviraj's character is actually old or is it just part of his character's temporary cover in the movie. Nonetheless, it is exciting, given that they don't make an international spy thriller in Malayalam cinema every day.

Karachi 81 is set in the aftermath of the India-Pakistan war of 1971. The filmmakers earlier released a statement revealing the premise of the movie.

"After the first Kashmir war of '47, having lost two more wars against India, ISI backed covert forces are planning a series of operations within our country. Indian Intelligence has irrefutable Intel that this devious plan has already started unfolding itself. They know that a war with the neighbour is not the answer. They also know that post '71, the identities of most of RAW's top operatives in the north and north-west have been compromised (sic)," read the statement.

The makers have been marketing Karachi 81 as a film based on "India's greatest episode of espionage," and an ode to "few forgotten men and women of real valour to make sure that we live as a Nation, free and safe."

It is worth noting that earlier Bava had plans to shoot the movie in Pakistan. However, such ambition cannot be practical at the moment, given the circumstances.

Besides Prithviraj, the movie also stars Tovino Thomas in an important role. Karachi 81, which is jointly written by Bava and Anwar Huzain, is expected to go on the floors by the end of this year.