After Karan Johar, did Ekta Kapoor take a dig at Kangana Ranaut’s AIB video

Urmimala Banerjee
It looks like some people have had enough of Kangana's sexism tirade

Kangana Ranaut has done it again. The lady’s AIB video that released yesterday has gone viral. In a parody, Kangana has mocked a number of things ranging from how 50 plus heroes romance girls half their age, pay disparity in Bollywood and how male superstars get preference in all matters and the heroine is just treated as a sex object. While people on YouTube have praised Kangana for showing her guts once again by calling a spade a spade, clearly not many in the industry are happy. In fact, there is a growing feeling that she has become a little too arrogant for her own good. (Also Read: Kangana Ranaut EXPOSES Bollywood’s sexist behaviour – read details)

After the video came out, Karan Johar tweeted: Dear talent …I wish you would stay away from overconfidence and delusion….they are constantly conspiring against you…don’t you see it? While he did not mention any name, people are guessing it is directed at Kangana, who in recent times has minced no words about how sexism and nepotism are seeped into Bollywood. After Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor also made what might be a reference to Kangana’s ‘vagina’ rant in the song. She also spoke about The Test Case, which is a show based on how women in the combat forces of Indian military. (Also Read: 5 people Kangana Ranaut waged a war against by featuring in AIB’s video including Shah Rukh Khan, Pehredaar Piya ki and IODEX)

Ekta also spoke about how Nirmala Sitharaman became the first woman to become a Defence Minister in the history of Indian politics. As we know, this decision was taken a few days before by the Modi Cabinet. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more scoop and updates…