Karan Johar to launch Vindoo Dara Singh’s son Fateh in 'Dostana 2'

Former actress Farha and her former husband Vindoo Dara Singh are now looking at their son Fateh’s career as a leading man. And its looks this genetically privileged star-son—he is the legendary Dara Singh’s grandson and his aunt is the formidable Tabu—is all set to be the next big debutante to be launched by Bollywood’s resident Christopher Columbus. We are talking about Karan Johar, of course.

Karan’s keen eyes have fallen on Fateh and the young actor is all set to be launched in the sequel to Dostana which is now on the anvil. Says proud father Vindoo, “Fateh has worked so hard for the past 4 years in every department of acting, so hard work always pays back.”

Sources from Karan Johar’s Dharma Production say Karan Johar has met and interacted the star kid and he thinks Fateh has the potential to make as big an impact as Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra.

It’s time for more new talent to emerge from Bollywood.

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