Karan Mehra Was Having an Affair: Nisha Rawal

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai actor Karan Mehra was arrested and later released on bail after he was accused of domestic violence by wife Nisha Rawal. Nisha opened up about the accusations and problems in her marital life. She accused Karan of having an affair and said that she didn't speak up about the abuse earlier to protect his 'image'.

Karan and Nisha tied the knot in 2012 and have a four-year-old son Kavish. Karan, in an interview, alleged that Nisha hurt herself to implicate him after he refused to meet her demands. Speaking to a publication, Nisha said that she asked for money because Karan was the family's financial head and has control over everything including her earnings.

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Nisha said that she hadn't spoken about her issues earlier to protect Karan's 'image'. "One of the charges filed by me against him is of domestic violence. I hadn’t spoken about it for so many years as I understand that for an actor his career and image," she said.

"This is definitely about Karan having an extra marital affair, me trying to work on the marriage, him not even taking responsibility of the child and constant abuse over the years, which I have never spoken about. I have evidence to authenticate my claim." - Nisha Rawal

When asked why tolerated the abuse for so long. "Because I love him. I still do. It wasn’t easy for me to go ahead with the FIR. I don't want my child to grow up and say, 'Mom you should have stood up for your rights'. I don't want a father like Karan for my child."

She continued in Hindi, "If you're having an affair with someone, tell me. Let's sort it out and separate. He lost his plot yesterday because it was the first time I confronted him. Anyone would say those things if they're angry." She added that he pushed her against the wall which led to a head injury.

Nisha added that she offered to settle their split amicably and has been circulating her resume to find a job to support her child.

Nisha’s friend and designer Rohit Verma admitted her to the hospital after she suffered the head injury. He was quoted saying, "A far cry for help from a friend. Aghast to see my bestie in such a state . What makes a man become a demon in no time? My entire being is with my friend in this dark patch of her life .. she must rise up and give it a brave fight."

"Her pain, agony and harassment is beyond me to describe. Standing by her as a pillar of strength ,we are in this together my friend I hold your hand firmly to make u see the light. Hugs and courage," he added.

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