Karanvir Bohra On Bhanwar With Teejay Sidhu: 'We Didn't Tell Our Kids And Parents That We Were Shooting'- EXCLUSIVE

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Karanvir Bohra-Teejay Sidhu fans will be quite excited to see the couple come together for a project for the first time. Karanvir utilised his lockdown period for good and made a thriller web series with just 4 actors. The series is called Bhanwar. 

Karanvir shot for it at an adjacent flat to where he lives with the actors residing in his complex, which also included his wife, Teejay. But it was tough to convince her for it. 

Karanvir narrates how he got Teejay on board. "I had to really convince Teejay for it because she wasn't interested in acting at that point with so many things already happening at the house- with kids, no househelp etc. But finally she got convinced as passion really rubs off on people. So, my enthusiasm convinced her. Also, I asked her do you have any other choice? Are u going out to give auditions, is anyone shooting yet? She said, 'No'. So that's how I sold it to her," said the actor.   

He further shares how the couple handled their kids amidst the shoot chaos and said, "Everytime our kids would ask, 'where are you going?' I would say, 'going to buy groceries.' When Teejay was required, our parents would come, we would tell them also that we were going to buy groceries. And then, we would go to the adjoining flat and shoot there. It was tough to juggle with babies and shoot."

We then asked Karanvir about his experience of working with his wife for the first time and how different are their working styles. "My working style is that I need everything to be in order and fast. I couldn't work on precision and perfect take. So, I had to mould myself that in the given situation, what can be the perfect shot, and touchwood it all worked out well. Teejay 's working style is very different from mine, She needs a proper script beforehand, needs time to get into the character. But when she came for the shoot, in one go she shot all scenes. Every director loves such kind of actors who come prepared. So, it was awesome directing my wife," said Karanvir. 

Talking about the series, it is about time-travelling and a couple getting stuck in an apartment. 

Image Source:- instagram/karanvirbohra

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