Is Karisma Kapoor's Daughter Samaira All Set To Make An Entry Into Bollywood? Hear It From Her Mommy!- EXCLUSIVE

Karisma Kapoor who recently made her debut in the digital space with Ekta Kapoor's web series Mentalhood has received a lot of appreciation. The series is trending now and we felt this is the right time to speak with the lady to know more about it. 

Here's what we asked and what she said:

The reviews for Mentalhood have been really good. Were you expecting this kind of a response?

Honestly, it was above our expectations. We always knew that we are making a very special show as the topic itself was very special, viz. 'motherhood'. So we were expecting for the best and we are  grateful for what we have received in return.


How did your family react to the series, especially the kids?

A lot of my family members have watched it and the response from them has been good. They knew that the emotions were very real and at the same time it was humorous. Also, my son really likes the theme song of Mentalhood.


Being a mother, did you relate to your character of Meira Sharma while shooting for the scenes?

Not just while shooting the scenes, but also while going for workshops and even when on sets, so many real life moments used to flash in front of my eyes and make me feel that I have actually lived through them. Other than that, this show has also been a learning of dos and dont’s for me.


After a successful debut on the digital platform, do you plan to continue with OTT?

I haven't planned anything in my life. Things have just been organic. I had never thought I would be exploring OTT- but it happened. 

What kind of scripts interest you the most?

Anything that is different and real. I see a lot of great content being made on the OTT platforms. I don't know what exactly will convince me, but it has to be something which I should feel from inside my heart. Like I did Dil Toh Paagal Hai, I trusted my instinct. Many actresses had said no to the script of that film, but I went ahead with it.


During lockdown, we are seeing several old TV shows being re-telecast. You also have entertained a lot through your films. Which of your films would you like to be aired on screen in this period?

It’s quite tough to say. I would go with David Dhawan films as they are light, entertaining and had good dance numbers which are lacking in today’s films. Other than that, family films like Hum Saath Saath Hain and Raja Hindustani will also be good to watch again.

We here that your daughter Samaira is soon set to follow in your footsteps...

Oh My God! That's not true. My daughter and her group of friends are interested in films through all aspects of movies, so whether it will be behind the scenes or in front of the camera I still do not know. They are just experimenting now and learning the ropes. So right now there are no such plans per se. Above all, Samaira is very young and still in school. This whole project is like an extra-curricular activity.

Do you want Samaira to become an actress just like you?

Honestly, it's up to her. I will never over-encourage or under-encourage her. But yes, I do back my children in their decisions.  My philosophy is ‘believe in yourself and do things which make you happy’. 

Is managing kids and convincing them not to step out during lockdown times difficult?

Touchwood! My children have been extremely co-operative. I think they are understanding the significance of what is happening in the world and that’s amazing about today's generation; they are so aware about what’s happening globally. Of course I keep explaining to them that how important it is for us to be united and positive, to follow the rules and understand the situation of our country. And, out here, I would like to appeal the same to every other person as well. 

image source:-instagram/therealkarismakapoor

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